Erik Seiffert (2003) edit
Duke University
Anatomy (soft tissue)
Comparative Primate Anatomy
Fossil Primates
Functional Morphology
Current position: Professor of Clinical Integrative Anatomical Sciences
Current affiliation: Keck School of Medicine of USC
Research website: Link
Research description: I am broadly interested in the phylogenetic relationships, adaptations, and historical biogeography of placental mammals. My research is now focused largely on fossil mammals from the Eocene and Oligocene of Africa. In particular, late Eocene faunas from Egypt which I am actively working on have provided important insights into the early evolution of anthropoid and strepsirrhine primates, and also document primitive relatives of living hyraxes, elephants, sengis, tenrecs, various bat and rodent clades, and entirely extinct clades such as Hyaenodonta and Ptolemaiida.
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